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why the price is so cheaper compare the market price?

Now, in the market, ther are many brand dental loupes like sheervision,Perioptix,etc. but their price is higher than ours. maybe some clients have a question:why the price is so cheaper?

acctually, we are real manufacturer, buying the dental loupes on ourline shop. you can get the first hand price (manufacturer direct price). so the price is lower than others.

the price is so lower, the quality is high? of course. the quality is high. in the past years, we only supply the dental loupes to distributor, and also supply high quality service to our customer. Now, we open our online shop. customer will save their money and share the high quality service.

we confirm that.:

(1)the shiping is the fast: same day you order (TTL and TTL combines need 7 days, because this is tailor-made loupes. if need prescription lens, also need 3 dya shipping out, because mounting prescriptions lens need time.)

(2) the price is lowest. if you find the price online shop (professional online shop is lower than ours, we will returning the amount to you. this must compare the professional online shop. maybe some guys get our loupes with distributor price sell on E-bay, they wil sell with lowest price. but most of them is personal shop,have no quality warranty, and the standard accessory . accessory is different. our standard accessory is luxuary al case and prtective lens includs (this two accessory shoule be add cost more than USD25.00). and also in China, there are company copy our loupes (you can find that the apperance is same, but the optics quality is different) will lower price .

(3)quality is the best. in the past years, we make OEM order for several famous brand.they are satisfy with our quality and service. we passed ISO9000 and have owen CE certificate. we have strictly quality and service stystem.

(4)best after-sell service.not only the best quality, we belive that the best service is also the life of the company. we will supply the best after-selling service to our customer.

(5)product ranger is complete. now in your market, you can find some companies also sell dental loupes, but it is easy to find out that most of the company is not prefesssional company, they only sell the Flip UP loupes, have no TTL style . because the TTL is tailor-made loupes, those companies have no professional technic engineer and don't know how to mountt the TTL loupes. but we are manufacture, and we have several years' experiance how to mount the TTL loupes. and also have good technic team to guid the user how to choose the loupes.


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