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headband LED headlight H70
headband LED headlight H70 $800.00.00$350.00  

Brightest 42, 000LUX @ 40cm, 60000Lux@250mm
The Lightest weight(with headband):70g
The Longest operating time:>5 hours,
Light Source: 4 w LED-high efficiency & saving energy,
Light Highest Illumination intensity: Full variable intensity control,
Brightness :Up to60,000Lux@ feet, Brightness is adjustable, light spot size is adjustable.
Light adjustable: (up/down adjustable. Right/left adjustable)
Continually Operating Time: more 5 hours
Color Temperature:6000 K (pure white),
Illumination Spot Size: 7.5cm @ 40mm, (20mm-100mm adjustable)
Light Head Weight: 70 g (including light and headband),
Length of cable: 1.5m ( fiber-optical cable)
Weight: approx 70g
Operation time: 5 hours
Light source: 4W Powerful white LED’S
Light source Life: 50000 Hours
Color Temperature: 6000K (CRT),purely with light
Surface Temperature In use: 50℃ (Ambient temperature 25℃)
Battery and battery pack
Input: 12VDC, >1.0A
Output: Variable, 7.2+1,2VDC
Weight: 180g
Dimensions : 108*68*25 (mm)
Duration of use: 5 hours at full load
Charging time: 4 hours
Battery efficiency: >90, ASIC
Battery Type: Rechargeable Polymer Li-ion Cells
Battery Capacity: 7.4V 2300 mAh
Battery Life: 500 Charge/Discharge cycles
Battery Protection: Against over-charge and over-discharge
Battery adaptor:
Input: 100-240VAC/ 50-60Hz ,0.3a
Input AC plug: wall plug
Output : 12VDC,>1.0A
Output DC Plug: 6.5*4.3*1.4*9,5 S type
Length of Cable: 3.0m
Applicable standard: UL/CUL/FCC/PSE/CE
Very quiet without fan, because of new hot emit technology,
Packing and packing including: stronger paper box packing. Adaptor, Battery, LED headlight with headband And cable, accessory kits, manual


LED headlight H70 is super high quality, the light source is 4W.bightness is super higher. full adjustment. light angle is adjustale. light spot size is adjustable, bightness is adjustable.



packing includs:
LED headlight with headband

packign is hard paper carton




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