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LED headlight H60 and Fliu Up Loupes 4.0x Ni-alloy Frames combines
LED headlight H60 and Fliu Up Loupes 4.0x Ni-alloy Frames combines $1500.00$590.00  
LED headlight H60 & Fliu Up Loupes 4.0x Ni-alloy Frames combines

Features Of loupes :

• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
• Extremely high resolution optics
• Lightweight design
• Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance
• Manufacturer direct pricing

LED headlight H60 Description:
portable headlight H60: Smallest size, lightest weight, brightest illumination, longest operating time. Easy Light Vario has reformed all the LED portable headlights in the world. Easy Light Vario uses a professional patented optic lens and thermal management technology that produces amazing brightness and provides superior quality and reliability. Easy Light Vario offers exceptional innovation, style and value in magnification and illumination. Easy Light Vario offers modular solutions for optics, frames and portable LEDs to satisfy the needs in the dental and medical

loupes detail specification links:    
LED headlight H60 specification links:   

packing includs (accessory)
- Dental surgical loupes
- Leuxary Al case packing For loupes
- Flip-Up handle
- HeadBand strip
- Micro-fiber Cloth
- Screwdriver
- clear protective lens cover
- lexuary Al case for headlight
- Easy Light LED Headlight
- Battery Pack
- Battery Adapter with wall plug
- Accessory Kit
- User manual
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